Existing SugarCRM Campaigns

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I have have a customer who uses SugarCRM webforms and SugarCRM Campaigns. My knowledge of either of these is zero, so the following question they asked me I don't know if it even makes sense.

As part of using Sugar Market, they are going to start to use Sugar Market Forms.

The question they asked me was: will they be able to sync the new forms back to existing campaigns in SugarCRM?

My first assumption was - why would you want to do that when everything else is getting done in Sugar Market, Campaigns, Forms, Nurtures etc.

I know we can set push campaign information back into the CRM, but would that meet their requirement?

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  • Hi Justin,

    If I understand correctly, the short answer is yes.

    In Sugar CRM, there are Web to Leads functionality. Basically, this allows you to create a form to be embedded into your existing website to capture lead information. Upon submission, a Lead record is created within Sugar. As a requirement, you have to link the form to a Campaign within Sugar. You can create multiple forms associated with same or different campaigns, so you can have multiple enquiry or lead capture forms.

    As you said, Sugar Market can do all that too. So the key question is what kind of information do the end users want to see in association with the lead in regards to landing pages and campaigns. 



  • Hi Romney,

    Thank you for taking the time to answer and the explanation on how campaigns work in Sugar CRM, that was really helpful.

    I'm still trying to get my head around why my customer would want to continue mapping forms in Sugar Market to Campaigns in Sugar CRM, when they're going to be running all marketing aspects from Sugar Market they should just finish with using the Campaigns in Sugar CRM.

    If there was a best practice on this it would be great to know, but I know each company's marketing process could be different. I'm more for advising them to do everything in Sugar Market and push various data points back into the CRM.

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  • Hi Justin,

    That is something you will have to ask your customer. From experience, here are some possible scenarios:

    1) They may not fully understand and appreciate how Sugar Market is more flexible, so there is no need to use Campaigns.

    2) They do not know what they do not know.The other CRM users may also need information in regards to the campaigns but the marketing team do not understand how they can get that information into the CRM. 

    3) 360 view - how can they see the new and old campaign information in the same place for a Lead/Contact?

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  • Thanks Romney! That is great insight into SugarCRM campaigns and the possible scenarios in the perspective of the customer.


    The Sugar Market push options regarding the SugarCRM Campaigns module are listed below:

    • Allow Sugar Market to create campaigns in Sugar CRM
    • Allow Sugar Market to push Email Statistics to Campaign and Campaign Targets (pushing the email statistics will create a new campaign where the recipients of that email will become the campaign targets)

    Both of these options will create new campaigns and will not update existing campaigns. If the client wants to work with new campaigns, this can be an option for them. Otherwise, as Romney mentioned, it will depend on what they are using the campaign info for to determine what their approach should be.

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