Sugar Market iframe for Accounts

Dear Experts

One of our customer who is using SugarCRM enterprise evaluating Marketing Automation platform, We recommended them Sugar Market. At SugarCRM side we understand there is a “Sugar Market” button located on Leads and Contacts record views. It opens a drawer showing a Sugar Market iframe but this customer requires the same to be on Accounts. Please let us know is this achievable or any alternative ways to achieve this.



  • Hi Indar,

    I hope you are well. The Sugar Market to SugarCRM integration allows an iframe to be added into leads/contact records to see the individuals marketing history directly in CRM.

    On the Account level there is no way through the integration to add an iframe at the Account level. If email/form/web activity info from Market is being pushed directly into the tables in CRM then you may be able to show this data on the Account. The iframe though will still not be able to appear as it is only built for use with leads/contacts.

    Have a great Friday,


    James Brown

    Implementation Consultant


  • Hi James

    I am fine, thank you very much for the update.

    Have a great week end.