reply tracking for automation emails

Dear Experts

In sugar market platform 

1. How do we view a list of contacts that replied to an automation email 
2. Is it possible to create the standard report/custom report OR with lead/contact listeners OR in any of the other ways in sugar market to get the list of leads/contacts who replied for the emails sent from the Sugar Market platform

The purpose is, if there is a reply email form the lead/contact we want to move them out of nurture programs or we would like to apply different criteria on such list.  please suggest how to achieve this.



  • Hi Indar,

    Currently there is no way to track who has replied directly to an email campaign sent from Sugar Market. The reason for this is because there is no way to track who clicks reply in their mail client and which mailbox the reply is being sent to. Customers use a wide variety of reply to mailbox addresses. There is also no way to run a report to see who replied.

    I would recommend that your reply to mailbox is a monitored mailbox. This means you can then see and report on all reply emails as they have come back to a mailbox you are monitoring internally.



    James Brown

    Implementation Consultant


  • Hi James Thank you for the update, this feature is available , this feature is available in competitors Reply Tracking – ActiveCampaign Help Center , for the following cases as per the url 

    With Reply Tracking, you can:

    • Create segments
      Send follow-up campaigns to contacts who do or don’t reply to your campaign or automation email.
    • Trigger an automation based on a reply
      Setup automations to run instantly when someone replies to a campaign or automation email.
    • Send reply data to external scripts
      Utilize our webhooks system to automatically send new replies to any external script.