Sugar Market 21.7 is now Available

Feature Enhancements

  • New A.I.-driven interest prediction scoring: This release introduces SugarPredict, which incorporates color-coded predictive lead scoring into your lead and contact records to help you quickly identify which leads to send to your Sales team and which to include in your nurture campaigns. This feature will be enabled on your account in collaboration with your Customer Success Manager. Please refer to the SugarPredict for Sugar Market User Guide for more information.  

Fixed Issues

The following issues have been fixed in Sugar Market version 21.7:

  • Email Builder 1.0 campaigns fail to send when they include "Started but not completed" landing page lists with recipients that do not have contact records. 
  • When a user initiates the deletion of a distribution list, usage of that list in Nurture Builder 2.0 campaigns is not checked. 
  • Reports containing contacts without a Contact ID and email address are allowed to be used as include lists in Nurture Builder 2.0. 
  • Users cannot edit shared reports unless they have the Admin Navigation role. 
  • Changing the ID field display label in reports may revert campaigns to Draft status. 
  • Web hits displayed in the contact journey are four hours ahead of the user's time zone.
  • Campaign send time in Nurture Builder 2.0 is incorrect if the send is during daylight savings time and it was scheduled prior to the start of daylight savings time. 
  • Scheduled Nurture Builder 2.0 campaigns are set to the user's browser time zone instead of the time zone selected in the campaign. Customers with campaigns that were scheduled prior to this release, scheduled for a time zone other than their browser's time zone, need to edit and resave the campaign to ensure the correct time zone is respected. 
  • The time stamp on nurture versions in Nurture Builder 2.0 analytics is in UTC instead of the user's time zone. 
  • The send time restriction in Email Builder 1.0 uses the browser time zone instead of the user's time zone. 
  • Users cannot assign the "Alert User" element in Nurture Builder 2.0 unless they have the Admin Navigation role. 
  • Editing the "Create Task in CRM" element in Nurture Builder 2.0 disables the OK button and displays the Value Input field label in red. 
  • URL links to individual images in the Email Builder 2.0 image group widget are not saved. 
  • Hyperlinks in the Email Builder 2.0 image capture widget are not saved. 

Sugar Market 21.7 Release Notes:


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