Sugar Market 21.2 is now Available


  • Nurture participants are migrated on publish even when no workflow changes are made.[PLAT-3526] 
  • When a nurture with active contacts is republished, the active contacts do not complete the nurture flow. [PLAT-3525]
  • Nurtures are thrown into error if a request to the Fusion API fails while building a list. [PLAT-3420] 
  • When selecting both include and exclude lists as nurture recipients, the wrong list can sometimes populate the selected lists in Step 4 of the builder. [APP-4644] 
  • The number of unique opens and clicks does not always correspond to the number of email addresses shown in the Email Campaign Dashboard if the recipient is using Do Not Track in their client. [PLAT-3128]
  • Removed discovery service from Microsoft Dynamics connector in alignment with Microsoft's deprecation of the service. [CRM-592]

Note: The issues above pertaining to nurtures are all in Nurture Builder 2.0.


Sugar Market 21.2 Release Notes:

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