Sugar Market 21.12 is now Available

Feature Enhancements

The following feature has been deployed in version 21.12 of Sugar Market:

New sync filtering for SugarCRM integrations: Market customers that are integrated with SugarCRM can now optionally choose which records to sync from SugarCRM based on fields that match specific criteria. SugarCRM customers with filters that were set up on their behalf prior to this release will see these filters migrated to the updated SugarCRM Settings page. This feature is available to Market customers integrated with Sugar Sell, Serve, Enterprise, and Ultimate licenses. Sugar Professional customers should contact Support to set up sync filters on their behalf.

: There are new IP addresses that need to be allow listed before these sync filters can be used. Please refer to the Sugar Market CRM Integration Guide for the full list of IP addresses to be allow listed.

The following issues have been improved Market version 21.12:

  • Special characters are not displayed correctly in some fields within the Form Builder editor, though they display correctly in preview mode and in published forms.
  • Requesting a nurture participant report in Nurture Builder 2.0 analytics results in error.
  • Uploading a file in excess of 25,000 email addresses to Email Validation produces a 503 error. While this release includes performance improvements to handle large uploads, we recommend breaking up large uploads into smaller files.
  • The option to delete distribution list folders does not exist. The delete option is available for empty distribution list folders as of this release; however, other folder types cannot be deleted. 


Market 21.12 Release Notes:


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