Sugar Market 21.11 is now Available

Feature Enhancements

The following feature has been deployed in version 21.11 of Sugar Market:

  • Enhanced functionality for copying a "Send Email" element: Copying the "Send Email" element in a Nurture Builder 2.0 campaign now provides the flexibility to either make a duplicate element or a linked copy of the element. Duplicate elements can be modified without applying those changes to the original Send Email element, while changes made to linked copied elements are also applied to the original Send Email element and any other copies of the same element within the nurture.


The following updates have been applied in Sugar Market version 21.11:

  • Uploading a Blackout Calendar in Nurture Builder 2.0 results in an error. The .XLSX file type is allowed for Blackout Calendar uploads as of this release. 
  • Nurture participants do not move from a Pause step when the blackout date period begins on one calendar day and ends on the next calendar day.


Sugar Market 21.11 Release Notes:


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