Sugar Market 14.0 (Oct. 27th 2020) is now Available

What’s new in Sugar Market

Nurture Builder 2.0: A ground-up redesign of the nurture experience focusing on what matters most to marketers.

  • Delivering personalized multi-step communications at scale with a completely new engine built upon best-in-class AWS services allowing for scalability and ensuring performance.
  • Additional start conditions to kick off nurture campaigns based on prospect and customer behavior, making it easier to deliver the right content to the right people at exactly the right time.
  • Work faster based on the intuitive drag-and-drop designer. It is purpose-built to allow marketers to easily create and visually communicate their marketing efforts to others in their organization.
  • Integrated analytics that allows marketers to measure the effectiveness of their nurture programs and quickly adjust tactics to support their strategy, including a visual representation of how many recipients have been through each step, a heat map that provides insights into the most common path, and individual contact search to visually see a contact's path through nurture.
  • Out of the box nurture templates and nurture validation tools to help marketers get started and quickly onboard with the new builder.

Visit the knowledge base for a detailed description of new features and a comparison between Nurture Builder 2.0 and the legacy builder.

The following has also been fixed in Sugar Market:

  • When using nurtures as include lists the email reverts to draft status.
  • Emails sent to members of excluded lists.
  • View email as a web page link produces a broken link.
  • Records deleted via the API persist.
  • Lead scoring does not update some records.
  • Removal of support for the SOAP API Connector between Sugar Market and SugarCRM as no customers were using this code.

Sugar Market 14.0 Release Notes:

More information on the Sugar Market:

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Sugar Market Release Notes

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