Introducing SugarPredict for Market

SugarPredict A.I. capabilities for automatic lead interest scoring: Sugar Market now incorporates the artificial intelligence capabilities of SugarPredict.

SugarPredict for Market facilitates rapid and reliable marketing lead qualification and prioritization through artificial intelligence (A.I.) predictive lead scoring. Based on Market engagement activities and comparisons to patterns identified in previously converted leads, SugarPredict produces accurate predictions of your leads' likelihood of converting to marketing qualified leads (MQL). SugarPredict allows you to more easily determine which leads to send to your Sales team and which to include in your nurture campaigns.

Lead and Contact Record View: The Interest Prediction score is also displayed in Lead and Contact record headers, and additional details about the score are available when you click the information icon next to the badge in the record.

Please review the SugarPredict for Market User Guide for more details.