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where does hint get its data? and does it or can it include the linkedin data of lead / contact / company?

  • Hi Lee, 

    Thanks for reaching out on Sugar Community!

    My name is Trevor Bloking.  I am the Product Manager for SugarCRM Hint.

    Steve Jaspar is correct - we do not access LinkedIn data, in accordance with their usage policies.  

    SugarCRM partners with a variety of leading data providers, to source information from over 70 global sources.  Our data providers routinely optimize their sources, to provide the most relevant information possible, in accordance with relevant privacy considerations.  As such, I cannot share each exact data source, as these are subject to change.

    If you have additional questions, I am more than happy to discuss them.  Feel free to contact me through your SugarCRM Channel Manager.


  • Hi Trevor,

    Thanks for this quick response, I thought that was the case with the linkedin data and hint.  A customer questioned it when they viewed a screen shot of hint containing linkedin information so this was questioned, but thanks for following up.

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  • Ah, yes!  The beta and v1 of Hint had a publicly sourced LinkedIn profile URL.  However, this proved to be unreliable, and was removed in v2 onwards.

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