Heads up - Collation problems with the SugarCloud upgrade of MySQL to version 8


I just wanted to give a heads up that the system I work with (and I suspect it might not be isolated to that) has MySQL database collation incompatibilities when the database is exported/imported to MySQL version 8.

I experienced this problem locally, and the customer is experiencing it on their SugarCloud upgraded test system.

It might require collation changes completed for every table/field, as I executed it locally on my own environment to get it to work.

The error messages received in the Sugar log will look like this: 

EXCEPTION An exception occurred while executing a query:
Illegal mix of collations
(utf8mb4_general_ci,IMPLICIT) and (utf8mb4_0900_ai_ci,IMPLICIT) for operation '='

And the API request fails with an http 500 error.

Hope it helps give you some hints with the platform upgrades!