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Good afternoon,

Is is possible to filter by ID's? 

We are currently migrating records from one sugar instance to another. However some revenue line items are not connected to some opportunities. I now have the ID's of the missing opportunities, but I cannot find an easy way to filter them in the other sugar instance. 

Thank you in advance for your reply.

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Maike Mak 

  • Hi ,

    Sugar doesn't provide a native way to filter on a record's database ID. If you are looking to isolate the data you need to import those records into the new Sugar instance, my recommendation is to perform an export of all opportunity records from your source system to a CSV file and apply the filter in Excel / Google Sheets. 


  • Mhm I currently don't have access to a sugar instance but if I'm not absolutely wrong URL fields kann provide the ID with the formular {ID}

    if this can't be made searchable by default maybe a second calculated text field can extract the ID from the URL field ?

    Good luck


  • Hey ,

    my idea works in general but maybe you can assist here

    The ID's can be shown by having an URL field that has a default value:

    This creates a link once I touch a record ( via EDIT in record view! )

    Infortunately it is not possible to filter for URL fields.

    the second field is a calculated textfield that simply copies the value

    I can search and filter for this fine.

    The issue is that the calculated text field is only calculated if I open the record and edit it.

    A mass update via List view or running recalulate values does not work.

    That is frustrating. We found a way to get the UUID into the record but the default value is not set by working with records from the liest view :-/



  • Hi ,

    I wasn't able to reproduce your issue exactly, but I did notice some issues that may explain why you encountered the behavior you did. I first created the URL field on an opportunity record and added it to the list view. Without touching any records in the module, a value was populated in the list view for each record. I checked the database and confirmed that no records had a value stored in the custom URL field. I observed the following:

    1. Without the URL field on the record view, editing and saving a record still left that field as empty.
    2. Creating a new record in the module set the value in the database to {id} since at creation the ID is not defined yet. The URL field still showed the expected generated URL in the list view.
    3. If I added the URL field to the record view and edited and saved a record, the value stored in the database was the actual database ID. So what I had was a mix of how values were stored in the database (but it didn't impact the field functionality at all):

    I then created two additional calculated fields. The first was with the same calculation as you had set using just a field reference. The second field applied an actual formula:

    substr($record_id_url_c, 0, 36)

    I wanted to evaluate whether there was a potential bug with list view recalculations where the calculated field only has a field reference with no formula. After creating both fields, I then went to the list view and performed the recalculate action on the first 20 records. The results were as expected in that any records with a value in 'record_id_url_c' were copied to both fields:

    So, if you don't have the URL field on the record view, then that would explain why the recalculation of values didn't have any impact for you. For me, I could only get the expected ID to be stored when that field was on the record view and when editing an existing record. 


  • Hi Chris,

    that is what I can see too. The URL is saved only by editing a record. on previous records or new created ones we can see the value but it looks like it is 'calculated' in the GUI.



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