SugarCloud Region Migration FAQ

This document lists the Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) related to SugarCloud migration of your instance(s) to SugarCloud EU-Frankfurt.

Why is my instance being migrated?

SugarCloud currently has two datacenters in the European Union - Ireland and Frankfurt. We at SugarCRM are in the process of consolidating the entire SugarCloud-EU presence to one region in Frankfurt and will be working towards shutting down the Ireland region in Europe.  

Can I reschedule my migration to the new region?

All SugarCloud instances are scheduled to migrate over the course of Q3, 2021 by early Dec 2021. You will be notified prior to your migration. Upon receipt of the notification or otherwise, please contact for any concerns regarding your migration.

If a re-schedule is needed, please create a case with Sugar Support. You can reschedule once within the next four weeks with a valid reason. Be sure that you have new timelines ready when putting in a reschedule request. 

Is there any impact to my business for SugarCloud instance(s) move from Ireland to Frankfurt?

For SugarCloud instances that are moving from Ireland to Frankfurt, there will be no change in the URL/Domain - Sugar support will work with customers for any IP address, SMTP, allow/disallow IP list changes needed for their specific instance. 

When will the migration occur?

All production migrations will happen during the maintenance window. Customers will need to work after the migration is complete and before their business day to re-configure settings to ensure business runs as usual.

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  • Hi Vandita, you should probably change "SugarCloud currently has two datacenters in Europe - Ireland and Frankfurt" to "SugarCloud currently has two datacenters in the European Union". We have the London data centre too in "Europe". In case there is any confusion.