Sugar On-Demand is now Sugar Cloud

SugarCRM was founded on the basic premise that your CRM should be flexible. From the outset, part of that product design philosophy was to offer flexibility in the way of deployment. That is, to give you the ultimate choice of where and how to setup, manage and maintain Sugar. Over the years, our customers have long enjoyed the ability to elect Sugar On-Site, Partner-hosted or On-Demand, each with their own distinct benefits and the flexibility to switch among them as your needs change. Deployment flexibility has given our customers a unique alternative to both the SaaS-only as well as legacy on-premises models.

Fast-forward 14 years and we’re now at a point where the preponderance of our customers have come to embrace the SaaS model of enterprise application software and have subsequently made the migration over. The benefits of SaaS are many, predominantly the resource-efficiency, speed, simplicity, security and scale that come along with a fully vendor-managed, cloud-delivered solution.

Going forward, we will be referring to Sugar On-Demand under its new name: Sugar Cloud.

So what is Sugar Cloud?

More than just a SaaS deployment option that delivers lower total cost of ownership, reduced time to value and greater user adoption, Sugar Cloud is a business strategy and a platform.

As a business strategy, Sugar Cloud enables you to focus on more strategic IT vs. tactical IT by delivering a secure, modern, performant, and highly interoperable system all which is managed by SugarCRM. Delivered on a quarterly release cycle, Sugar Cloud ensures an accelerated pace of product innovation. This ensures that you are always on the latest technologies and features that help you deliver the best possible customer experience. Sugar Cloud also puts customers in a better position to address both increasing consumer demand as well as regulatory policies on consumer data privacy with continued enhancements to data privacy management.

As a platform, Sugar Cloud opens up greater possibilities to design and configure your CRM system to suit your unique organization. Sugar Cloud delivers greater customization through configuration with a focus on minimizing any code-level effort. Also, given that your CRM serves as the nexus of your customer information, Sugar Cloud also offers unlimited REST API calls, connectors, extensions and more so that your CRM can interoperate with your broader enterprise app set, easily and at scale.

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