Notice: SugarCRM is updating to PHP 8.2

Providing Customers with a secure and stable environment is a top priority for Sugar. From September to November 2023, for customers running in SugarCloud, we will be upgrading the PHP version that underpins the running of SugarCRM instances to the latest supported version, PHP 8.2.

IMPORTANT: Upgrading to PHP 8.2 may have detrimental impact on your SugarCRM instance. Please read on.

If your Sugar instance contains any code-level customizations or 3rd party plug-ins, Sugar is going to make a first attempt to remediate any incompatible code by running an automated tool associated with your customizations or 3rd party plug-ins.

How might this impact our Sugar instance?

Code-level customizations or 3rd party plug-ins have an inherent risk of breaking with any software upgrade. While we are going to make a first attempt to remediate any incompatible code, refactoring code may result in unexpected errors or loss of functionality which could impact your team's operations using SugarCRM.

What do I need to do?

It is critical when the upgrades occur that you test your instance(s) and work towards any remediation needed.  

The PHP 8.2 upgrade will be applied first to existing sandbox (Clone) environments, followed by production instances. As is standard SugarCRM practice, you will receive an email seven days prior to any instance upgrade.

If you do not have a sandbox and would like to test, please email to request one.

What do I do if we need help with any code-remediation?

If your team is unable to remediate any incompatible code yourself, you may contact your authorized Sugar Reseller or you may reach out to your dedicated Sugar Customer Success Manager for engagement with Sugar's Professional Services Team – an at-cost service.

For third-party plug-in errors, please connect with the 3rd party plug-in creator directly.

Can I opt out of this upgrade?

No, the upgrade to PHP8.2 is mandatory for all customers. It is a foundational layer that all customer instances rely upon, therefore there is no option for a customer to delay or opt-out of the upgrade. We apologize in advance if this action causes any customer disruption.

For questions not found in our PHP Frequently Asked Questions, please contact Sugar Support by logging into our Case Portal to log a case, or by emailing so we can assist you.

If you are a technical expert, there are more technical details regarding the PHP update on SugarClub's Developer Community are available here.

The original email was sent on 24 September 2023 and can be accessed here.