Managed Storage for existing* customers FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

*Customers that purchased Sugar Products prior to Feb 1, 2022  

We understand you have questions and we have answers. Browse some of the frequently asked questions below. If you don't find your answer, please email

Q. What changes are being made to the Managed Storage program? 

A. There are two key changes: 

  1. Separating storage out from being one big bucket into Database (DB) and File System (FS).
  2. Reduced pricing options. 

Q. How does the new pricing work? 

A. From Feb 1, 2022, Sugar has introduced new pricing for all new purchases of Managed Storage. The list price of Managed File System has been reduced by 50% to $4.17 per GB/month and this price is further reduced by 30% if pre-purchased. Managed Database (DB) Storage is priced at $8.33 per GB/month, which also can be reduced by 30% if pre-purchased. Storage will now be sold in 1GB blocks instead of 5GB units.

Additionally, from Feb 1, 2022, onwards any purchase of additional users' licenses will automatically increase the managed storage allocation of both DB and FS by 0.25/GB respectively (for Sell Premier Customers it increases to 0.5/GB for DB and FS). 

Q. What is the difference between Database (DB) and File System (FS) storage? 

A. Database (DB) is fast access for quick lookup of Accounts, Contacts, Emails, Tasks, etc. File System (FS) is for files attached (uploaded) to Accounts, Contacts, etc.   

Q. How will my current storage allocation change? 

A. Previously your managed storage was aggregated into one big bucket, and there was no transparency regarding the type of storage being used On Feb 1, 2022, we split your managed storage into either Database (DB) or File System (FS). This gives you greater visibility about the type of managed storage you consume and enables you to better plan and manage your requirements Splitting the allocation across FS and DB was uniquely calculated for each customer on a proportionally basis using actual usage as of Jan 31, 2022.  

Q. Why is Sugar making this change? 

A. Customers who increase their managed storage want more flexibility over the type of storage they acquire. By splitting out the storage types across DB and FS, Sugar has introduced different and more attractive pricing options for these two diverse types of managed storage

Q. Will I be worse off after the change? 

A. No. In aggregate, your total allocation will remain the same after we divide your storage between DB & FS. And, in fact, you benefit from the new pricing model for any additional purchases - any purchase of additional users will increase your baseline storage allocationSpecifically, for any additional user purchased after February 1, 2022, both your FS and DB allocation will automatically increase by 0.25GB each per user (0.5 GB for Sell Premier Customers) 

Q. What is significant about my “Initial Allocation?”

A. On February 1, 2022, every customer has retained their Initial Allocation based on the product currently used as of February 1, 2022. This is a minimum allocation that will never be reduced for your account. The Initial Allocation is equivalent to your previous product-based entitlement Previous Allocations were based on the product lines as follows:   

  • Professional = 15 GB 
  • Enterprise / Sugar Sell / Sugar Serve = 60GB 

Q. Can I buy additional Managed Storage? 

A. Yes. You can buy Managed Storage in blocks of 1GB annually for either FS or DB. Purchasing Storage in advance gives a 30% discount(Note: Storage bought mid-term in a subscription period can be pro-rated to co-terminate with your underlying Subscription term).  

Q. What happens if I exceed my allocation? 

A. The nominated Sugar Admin will receive an email to notify them if this occurs. An invoice will also be sent to show the managed storage consumption and associated cost over the prior quarter.   

Q. What is consumption-based billing, and how will it work?

A. DB and FS managed storage usage will be checked daily against the allocation. If the allocation is exceeded for that day, it will be tracked and used in the quarterly invoice charge.   

Q. When are these changes coming into effect? 

A. For customers that purchased Sugar prior to February 1, 2022, tracking usage of the Managed Storage will commence on May 1, 2022, and the first invoices for overages beyond the initial allocation (if applicable) will be sent on August 15, 2022. Then quarterly from then on.  

Q. How can I view my current storage usage? 

A. Sugar Administrators have access to the SugarCloud Insights view. The initial allocation and DB & FS usage will be shown there as well as any changes over time.