Knowledge Base Search Functionality and Best Practices

One thing that we have always struggled with is the search functionality in our Knowledge Base within Sugar. It is very keyword specific and can provide different results depending on the keyword used. When we hire on new representatives they can sometimes have a hard time locating specific articles because of this.

I'm curious if others have any best practices for search. Is there any specific search logic you have in place that has provided better search results? 

  • Hey Heather!

    I was curious if you meant your own Knowledge Base module in Sugar, or if you meant our own KB for Sugar customers?

    If it's your own, using a wildcard search can really help. You can learn more about the different operands you can use for search here: 

    If it's ours, we're always working to improve ours! We recently, in the last several weeks worked to improve ours, so if there's something that isn't coming up for you please let us know. Another trick is to just use Google with appended before the search criteria. Still, we want to continue to make our knowledge base, and its search, as good and robust as possible, so any specific terminologies and what you expect to see could help us improve things a lot.