Report for opportunities with no open tasks

I can see someone asked this before, it feels like a basic report that most sales managers would want, yet I can not get my head around it.

Can anyone guide me to create a report that simply lists out every opportunity that does not have an open task.  I can see guidance on listing projects with no tasks ever, but that misses the opportunities where a task was once present but was completed without setting a new task.

Can anyone explain how I would do this? SugarSell cloud.

Thanks in advance

  • Hi  ,

    I recommend using a custom integer field (e.g. 'Open Tasks') with SugarLogic to count any open tasks related to the opportunity. Your report could then be based on that field (i.e. show me opportunities where 'Open Tasks' equals 0).

    The SugarLogic formula you can use would look like the following:

            "Not Started",
            "In Progress",
            "Pending Input"

    You would list out all applicable 'open' statuses in the createList array in my example. Once you have the integer field created, you would then need to perform a recalculate values action on all your opportunities to have the value updated. Once that completes, you should be all set to run your report.