Trying to trigger BPM when a Tag is added to a Contact

I'm trying to create a basic workflow that sends an email to a Contact when a tag is added to their record.  I can't see any option that enables me to start the process when a tag is added to a Contact.  Anyone triggering processes when a tag is added? 

  • Currently Tag is not supported on neither SugarBPM or Studio. Instead you would need to create a Logic Hook after_relationship_add on Contacts in order to track new tags added to Contact x Tags relationship. Eventually you can populate a custom text field with that new tag so you will be able to track this change via SugarBPM and then send notification to someone.

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  • Thank you André Lopes much appreciated!

  • Hi Gayle,

    Having access to the Logic Builder tool allows avoiding challenges via configuring Sugar no-code and also allows to help clubmates whenever possible Slight smile

    I've configured a logic hook that creates a Note related to the Contact whenever Contact is tagged so that the Subject of that note starts from the words "Tag is added: " following the name of the Tag

    If curious, here is the flowchart in Logic Builder (to read logic flow just follow the white line)

    and here is ZIP file generated by Logic Builder - it implements the logic:

    If to install that ZIP file via Module Loader, the corresponding Note will be generated automatically when the tag is added to the Contact.

    Consequently, having this logic hook configured in your Sugar, you should be in a position to set up a SugarBPM Process Definition that starts on Relationship Change and sends the desired email to an addressee

    Smth like this:

    Just mark this response as Verified Answer to let me know on the solution works for your case.

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