Why doesn't the notification tell the user what item they were mentioned in?

When tagging a user in a Document's comment log, their notification tells them they were mentioned but doesn't tell them what document or offer a link in the notification to take them to that document.  

Are we missing a field when creating a document or missing additional information in the comment log when tagging a user?

  • Hi Jason, I just tested this and it looks like you found a bug! This is specific to the Documents module. If you add a Comment Log entry on a different module, such as Cases, it includes a link to the case in the Related To field on the notification.

    I would recommend submitting a case to Sugar's Support group so they can submit a bug for this; that way, it will be clear that the bug was found externally and is impacting your use of Sugar.

    Good find, and sorry you had to stumble on it!


  • Jumping in here to say that Jason's issue in # 87852 has not been resolved. We are on Enterprise 13.0.2 and are still experiencing the same problem: the in-app notification doesn't link to the document that people were mentioned on. 

    Thankfully, the email notification continues to work as expected and includes a link to the document record.

    Will be submitting a Support case as well to help boost.

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