Fields visibility based on a dropdown number

Hi, what would be the best way to configure the following example:

Let's say the business is a car service company, where a customer (Account) can have 1 or more cars. The company needs to record the last date when the oil and tires were replaced and when each of them will need to be replaced depending on the number of cars in an Account.

I need is to create a 'number of cars' field and if the number 1 is chosen, then 4 field for oil and tires appear (last changed and next due for each component), but if the 'number of cars' field is 2, then 8 fields for oil and tires will appear.

I am not sure if I need to create these field as 'Dependent' fields or if it will be better to use a formula... or if this is possible at all.

I have attached a sketch of what I am trying to achieve.

Thank you in advance,



  • I'd create a new module called Vehicles and relate it to Accounts. In creating the new Module I'd look at basing it on the Calls or Meetings Module if possible as the information you are largely setting up is date based (and possibly even recurring). You won't need to touch code, logic hooks etc just Module Builder/Loader and Studio. You can do this even if on Sugar Cloud. The benefits of a new module related to Accounts will be apparent very quickly rather than trying to add fields into the Accounts Module. 

    Note only use the Module Builder to initiate the new Module. Do all the customisation, new fields etc in Studio. There is a SugarCRM best practice article on this. I didn't realise it once and had to recreate a module from scratch.

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