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Sugar Support Communication - General Suggestions

I can't seem to find a place to log general ideas, so I'm logging it here and hopefully the right people will see it. 

1) The "Case Status Update" emails that notify you when a new note has been added to your case are redundant, since you will also receive a "New Note" email with the actual contents of the note. I'd like to be able to unsubscribe from those emails and only receive case status updates related to new case creation, case closure warnings, and case closures. 

2) The case name should always be included in the subject of the email and should be kept consistent throughout the entire conversation so I know exactly which case is being referenced without opening the email. Here's an example from a recent conversation. The case name is specific while the subject is a generic "Update." I often have multiple cases going with support at once and it can be difficult to keep track of the entire convo when I can't group emails by case. If the subject line of the email is kept consistent, I can sort by subject and have the entire chain grouped together. 

3) It would be incredibly helpful if the entire conversation chain, including my responses to support, were included in every "New Note" email. That way, if I need to reference a previous email in the conversation, I don't have to go digging for it or login the case portal. I work with another vendor whose support emails are structured this way, so it's definitely possible to do. 

4) When I respond to support via email, my responses should be recorded in the case portal as a note. It currently only includes my responses if I log them in the portal directly. 

  • Great to hear, Dan! I look forward to seeing these updates in the future! 

  • Hi Damien, 

    Thank you for the feedback! My initial impression is that these are both things we would need to resolve in the Serve product (allow uploads to Case recordview in Portal & update/add Portal Submitters and Additional Contacts). I'll work internally to confirm and provide a follow up here. 


  • HI Jacquelyn, 

    Thank you for the excellent feedback! Some of these are configurations and others are product related, so the time to address these concerns will differ. 

    1) This is probably the most complex as it involves both configuration ("New Note") and stock functionality ("Case Update"). I can appreciate the redundancy aspect, so we'll investigate how we can provide a better customer experience in this area. 

    2) This is something we can resolve in the short-term. I'll follow up here with an ETR. 

    For 3 & 4, those are features we are looking to implement in a future release of Sugar Serve. I will speak with other internal teams to see where this is on the roadmap and then provide a more informative update here.


  • Excellent suggestions! 
    It would also be fantastic if we could: 

    1. Attach files on the case itself without having to create a note afterwards
    2. Change the ticket reporter or at least add a person in the conversation: sometimes a case is created on our side by a functionnal consultant and picked up by a developer (or vice versa)