Under Review
over 1 year ago

Sugar Identity: De-Couple Sugar Username from Local Login

I would like to be able to edit the native Sugar username field without creating a Local Authentication login for the user in Sugar Identity (SI). The username is used as the display name in Report charts and dashlets. When you create a new user in SI, it automatically pushes the email address to the username field in Sugar. I don't want email address to be the display name in report charts, as it's long an clunky. However, as it currently stands, in order to edit the username that displays in Sugar, I have to give the user a Local Authentication login in SI, which I do not want to do. The vast majority of my users should be using SSO only. Giving them a local username gives them back-end access to the Sugar separate from their SSO login (they could theoretically bypass SSO and use the PW reset to login to Sugar locally). This is very bad for security purposes. 

Note: We cannot turn off PW reset because we need to maintain local access for a few users.