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over 1 year ago

Single Sign On (SSO) option for OPI


The outlook plugin requires us to enter username and password in the OPI.
That makes sense when you are running a stand-alone login for SugarCRM, But then you have integrated ActiveDirectory(LDAP) authentication like we do, we have the same login to the computer, Outlook, Sugar and many other programs.

The idea: An option to configure the plugin to use the credentials of the current logged in user (either from the computer or Outlook itself) would be great to have.

We can see issues whern users change their domain password and Sugar stops working due to the user not updating the password in the OPI settings, since they have to manually change the password there also.

  • Same issue, customer using OneLogin for their SSO solution, works fine in the main Sugar CRM instance, but can't use the OutLook plugin, or even the new Connect - which they are willing to pay for :-(

  • Still having issues with customers who require SSO. Activating it for them is now a no go since the Outlook plugin does not offer the SSO possibility so they still have to use Sugar credentials. Any news regarding this topic? 

  • Couldn’t agree more. We are a Duo shop with a premise based instance.

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  • It feels bizarre that you can have a plugin for outlook that is unusable if you are on SSO but not on Sugar cloud. When is this going to be available for on premise?

  • Please provide some updates regarding the direction for this valuable feature. If we are to allow users remote access we are requiring 2 factor which eliminates the full feature functionality of the product via Outlook. We have looked at Riva and some of the other tools but they come along with their own issues and substantial cost when you add this to a large number of users.

    Please help.