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over 1 year ago

Show Approval History (Status, Approvers, Decision Made, Timestamp) at all times for a given record that's submitted for approval

Show Approval History (Status, Approvers, Decision Made) at all times for a given record that's submitted for approval

I understand that currently Sugar doesn’t have a way to indicate the approval history prior to an approval decision being made. In certain other CRMs this is an out of the box configuration capability and doesn't require customization, 

Please help make this a configurable out of the box capability where we know from looking at the history section the approval status and the approver(s) as well as the decision made by the approver(s), along with a date timestamp of the submission and decision made.

  • You should also be able to use Advanced Workflow (not available in Professional) to manage the approval process.

    "Each process can support complex decision cycles with a powerful rules builder to effectively optimize routing and approvals."

    Advanced Workflow Automation CRM | SugarCRM 

    Also, because we use Pro and don't have Advanced Workflow, I built a simple approval process based restricted fields (only certain people can edit them), dependent calculated values and Logic Hooks for our custom Contracts module. Granted that requires coding.


  • Hi Chandramouli Srinivasan,

    We already have audit logs available in SugarCRM out of the box. It captures the changes being made on certain fields (the fields being marked as audited). You can view this under "View Change Log" option in record view. If you are an enterprise customer, you can even create an advanced report out of it and present the information in the way you want.