Under Review

Reintroduce the Contact Field for Calls and Meetings

Prior to 7.6, the Calls and Meetings modules had a contact field that could be displayed in dashlet and module list views. This field was helpful since meetings or calls associated with a contact would also display the contact's account in the flex relate field. In 7.6, when the Calls and Modules were updated to the new Sugar 7 UI, this field was no longer available.

This idea seeks to have that field supported in a manner that mimics the prior functionality and also accounts for use cases where multiple contacts are associated with a meeting or call.

  • Currently in this scenario the most suitable workarounds I have found are:

    1) Use the preview button for guests to see their details in the sidecar

    2) Create ListView Dashlets in the sidecar for the related Contacts and Leads - this allows you to see the desired information for all attendees at once