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over 1 year ago


Would like to suggest the sugar provides supported rating star field out of the box. I did find from GitHub - sugarcrmlabs/RatingStarField: Provides a new data type in Studio to define a field showing 1-5 stars as a ratin… 

But is not supported and obviously will not work as you upgrade; the github version worked fro 7.7

  • I downloaded the github files, edited the manifest.php to allow installation on 8.*.* , packed the files in the rating_field directory to an new installation zip file and installed in a 8.0.0 cloud version.

    Works fine.

    For installation in any 7.x and 8.x change the first lines of the manifest.php to 

    $manifest = array (
    'acceptable_sugar_versions' =>
    array (
    0 => '7.*.*',
    1 => '8.*.*',
    'acceptable_sugar_flavors' =>
    array (
    0 => 'PRO',
    1 => 'ENT',
    2 => 'ULT',

    An make sure that you pack only the files from driectory rating_field into the install package.