Under Review

PowerBI content pack for SugarCRM

Currently PowerBI has a content pack for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Having a plug-and-play content pack for PowerBI gives a lot more visibility across the organisation.

There's plenty of stats that would be useful across organisations (e.g. how many emails sent, how many bounced, etc). 

Additionally this is an idea that people in the PowerBI community have asked for - SugarCRM Data Connector – Microsoft Power BI.

  • Yes please, would be great to have this due to the popularity of Power BI, as it could otherwise affect popularity of SugarCRM ;-)

  • This would be a great addition! We have a lot of customers who are moving to Office 365, including Power BI. It's a shame that they can use Power BI for reporting on most of the other products we support, apart from Sugar. Having this connector in our toolkit would really help, and mean that we can provide our customers with a complete BI solution - without them having to consider an alternate CRM system.