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over 1 year ago

Option to display report results in Excel-like table view within browser window

For security reasons, my users are blocked from exporting Excel lists from the CRM. If they want an Excel report, they have to request it from an admin. 

However, the options for viewing large amounts of data within the CRM are sub-par. The list view has the annoying "click to view more" requirement, while reports have pagination. 

Users often need to review data for a variety of reasons, but because it's so difficult/annoying to view a large amount of data within the CRM, they frequently request to have the data exported into Excel. I don't mind exporting data when it serves a functional purposes -- e.g. to update large swaths of data using the import Wizard -- but exporting it just because it sucks to view the data online feels like a unnecessary added security risk. 

It would be fantastic if there was an option for users to render data results in an Excel-style window with clean, condensed table-style rows and columns, and, most importantly, infinite scrolling. So for example, the action menu on the report results page could include a "Display in Table View" option. It takes only seconds to export an Excel report, so it should be fairly quick to render within the browser. 

Even better: if users could also edit data in this format (according to whatever role-based permissions we have in place for editing fields). 

  • We had the same concern about security and don't allow many to export data.  We addressed the desire you mention in two ways:

    1. Increase the number of records shown in the List View - Warning, it will slow down the response time if you're listing hundreds of records in the list view - We settled on 50 records.  The filtering and mass update function allows them to update multiple records.

    2. Created reports with the hyperlinks back to the records when they view online.  You obviously don't get the mass update function with this approach but they can print and view the report.  We even have some reports scheduled and delivered on a regular basis.

    Best wishes, Bud