Under Review

Need a way to mass-archive previously sent emails

I have a problem with users sending multiple emails through Outlook Mail Merge, and then not having a way to easily archive these emails to Sugar. Mail merge does not support BCC, so they cannot use the archiving email address.

Those with the Outlook plugin will often attempt the following: 

  • Open sent messages folder.
  • Select all messages you just sent
  • Select Archive to Sugar > Archive to Sugar. 
  • Select all contacts/leads. Hit Archive

This, of course, is a bad idea, because it ends up archiving every email selected to every contact/lead selected. 

There needs to be some sort of option for mass archiving. It's not practical for users to individually map each email to the Sugar contact, but there should be a way to retroactively mass archive using the same mapping mechanism as the BCC email (i.e. the emails are not "mapped," but will display on records with matching email addresses).