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Merge Calls and Meetings into one module?

I think it would be useful to merge Calls and Meetings into one module.
Maybe consider Tasks also?

I personally miss the old combination of 'Activities' and History' modules (from v1 -> v6.5) that covered all activities outstanding and completed between them, as it simplified both User reporting, and gave a simple single 'timeline' view of latest activities.

Look forward to support or feedback on this one from anyone else that thinks may be useful or has an opinion. :-)

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  • I support this idea! 2 different modules leads to clutter in the subpanels. 

    Also, a lot of fields are common to both types of activities. A bit of dependent-field magic and the module would be fine. 

  • Hi

    The 'old activities module' gave you both, still allowed you to track/report on each separately by 'Type'. Having these all in separate modules, while able to create 'views' in timeline type dashlets, it' doesn't solve the reporting issue, i.e. try to create a report for all activities by a User over a period - today/this week/this month, whatever.

  • There are now quite a few dashlets and extensions which unify this view - and the "View Historical Summary" button is more usable than it used to be. So you should have a few options there..

    As for my own take - I find there are advantages to being able to track Calls/Meetings separately - as there are concepts which are channel specific and are best suited to that module (e.g. a meeting location, or an integration with online meeting software etc). 

  • Hello Vincent

    If you are looking for getting the TimeLine with all activities on it in Sugar - there is Events Management Suite for Sugar, which enables in Sugar much more than just merge of 2 types of activities :)

    https://integroscrm.com/timeline-viewer/ - historical key events on the timeline
    https://integroscrm.com/need-todo-viewer/ - future events as todo feed