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Make Process Definition "Add Related Record" and "Change Field" Actions Compatible with Dropdown Fields

This is something that has come up for me over and over again. You cannot do anything involving dropdown values in the Add Related Record or Change Field actions. 

I would like to the option to: 

  • Copy a dropdown value to a text field
  • Copy a dropdown value to the same dropdown list on another record

The only way to do this right now is to create an exclusive gateway for each dropdown value on the source record and then hard code the value into the field on the target record. This is unnecessarily time consuming and complicated for performing such simple actions. 

  • Why develop possibilities available in the Sugar ecosystem for years?
    We got used to configuring such tasks in SugarBPM extended with Logic Builder 

    E.g. lets set Contact Type (custom field) dropdown equal to Account Type dropdown with Sugar BPM

    1.Declare an LB Service in Sugar

    2. Design service with Logic Builder - it will take Account Type dropdown value of the Account to which the Contact with ContactID belongs to, and return it as Value parameter
    You may read the logic by following the white line:

    33.Deploy the flowchart logic to Sugar with Module Loader and use it in your SugarBPM Process Definition

    Setup action:

    RESULT: On Contact Updates , the SugarBPM sets Contact Type dropdown equal to Account Type

    if any questions, please feel free to email to dch@integroscrm.com 

    All the Best,

  • Definitely a really useful and missing feature!