Under Review

Improved Multi-Select Field Groupings for Summation Reports

In my instance, the "opportunity source" field is a multi-select list. 

I would like to create a summation w/ details report with a chart showing the summed value for each opp source type. 

Here's the issue: your existing reporting functionality takes every possible combination of values and presents it as a separate data group.

For example, let's say a user picks two options: Event and Cold Call

Rather than cross-listing the opportunity in separate Event and Cold Call groups, Sugar creates an entirely new group. So now my report contains groups for:

- Event

- Cold Call

- Event and Cold Call

When you're trying to get a top-down view of which source contributed to ROI, this makes no sense. For our purposes, it would be super helpful if the records could be cross-listed across source types rather creating separate groups for every possible permutation.