Under Review

Enhanced filter selection for modules based on reports

In list views for modules in 7.x, add a filter selection choice 'Apply Reports Filter': It would select one from a list of reports, that pertain to the current module, and apply the 'Define Filters' selection from the Report Wizard. The report filters already exist - can they just be reused?
  • I had the same idea on the dashboard list view, this would be great to select the filters from an existing report.

    Specially as @ibrs said, that then it would be possible to filter by related data. 

    (example campaign dashboard: show all calls in a list view, related to a campaign)

  • Report filters are much more sophisticated. Why is the OR function not available in listviews? It is not possible to create all the filters we require in a listview but it is possible in a report. It would be sensible to have the same functionality in filters in listviews.

  • This  is a great idea! This has been done with TargetList, why can I use this with a Listview in a Module?

    As I'm getting more experience with SugarCRM 7 it clear that the idea of filters comes up in a few places, Reports, Listviews, Targetlist and Dashlets. These realy should be a single unified concept across the product

    If I've created a report for a Module (say Contacts) then I should be able to use that report in the Contacts module as a pre-defined filter for the Listview. You might think of a Report as a pre-defined, named filter for a Module Listview. This would be a great enhancement as I can now centrally define a filter and share it will all users, many of whom don't have the skill to write the filter.

    It has the additional advantage that the filter can be based on related date, .e.g, show Contacts with Accounts that have an active Contract of Type "Membership" etc.