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over 1 year ago

Creating New Fields in Studio is Too Slow!!

Admittedly, my company has a large quantity of records in several modules, but the amount of time it takes to create new fields in Studio is kind of nuts. The mechanism you use to create fields is not scalable. In large modules, this can mean 10, 15, 20 minutes of waiting--if it works at all. In our largest module, the process sometimes times out and I have to start from scratch and wait another large chunk of time for the field to hopefully create. As an admin, this is incredibly frustrating and inefficient. 

  • Hello Jacquelyn Lane,

    I have an onDemand instance in which there are 700+ fields for a single module (Accounts), and I also experience the waiting time of 20 min per field created. After creating the field in studio I get the "failed to retreive data" error message
    but after some time the field "suddenly" appears in Studio. in total is about 30 min per field, such a pain.

    I cannot use the Maintenance Mode as there are a bunch of APIs running in the backend even on weekends.

    Also I have another instance in which there are 2 million records, but just the regular fields on it, and there are no issues so far on this.

    I think what sugar does is basically to mirror the existing fields table into another with the new field added, that's why it takes too much time.

    In order to create even more fields, what we have done is to create related modules (one-to-one relationship).


    Angel M. 

  • Enterprise 9.0.2 - cloud implementation. I have not been putting the system in maintenance mode. I suppose I could try that in a dev environment to see if it makes a big difference. 

  • What version are you working with?

    We have some modules that have 2 to 3 million records and I've not seen times like these.

    Are you putting your system in maintenance mode while doing this?

    Also, are you an OnSite implementation? You might want to have your sysadmins check your hardware and DB setups.