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Create folders/groups for reports

I would like to create folders or groups for our reports, as I am conscious that we have a lot of users, all of whom have different report requirements.

Each person is writing their own reports; some of which are for themselves, some of which are for others as well. Our list of reports is now huge and it is quite annoying to scroll through or us the search function.

Ideally, I would like to have folders of different types of reports - such as Sales Reports, Marketing Reports, Support Cases Reports etc.

Is this possible and if so, how can it be done? 

Any help would be gratefully received!
  • Hi Philippa,

    What about Tags?

     - I think you can only edit the tag in the list view though, but then everyone can create a filter of their own to see those tagged reports?  

    Might work?

  • This is a very useful feature that helps sales managers and team managers stay organized and manage their pipeline meetings/review meetings efficiently. Please expedite!

  • Having folders is such a basic requirement and would be so useful. I want to group my reports so that each dashboard has its own folder, so the reports are not edited by mistake. We have so many reports that it's getting very messy and out of hand (and I'm the only person creating them)!

    When the other users start creating them it's going to be a huge out of control mess. Tags are all very well but don't offer the structure that we need.

  • I was going to suggest this as well. Alternately, a dropdown list for assigning teams rather than the very annoying and clunky search. 

    Also the report search is not very good. They "name" search is starts-with only, which makes it hard for users to find things if they don't know the exact report name. 

  • Hi everyone,

    Apologies for the delayed reply. I have tried a few different solutions, none of which has been particularly successful. In the end, I have opted to prefix each report with the appropriate department name:

    "SALES - March forecast"

    "SALES - April forecast"

    "MARKETING - New leads report"

    "MARKETING - Enquiries report"

    "SUPPORT - Open cases"


    I then suggested users in each of the above departments enters the name of the department into the search box on the Reports module. Sugar remembers the contents of this field when people log out and back in again, which means they'll then only see their SALES or MARKETING etc reports.

    This is kind of ok-ish, but not great as some people span departments, and some departments have literally hundreds of reports within them. So all in all, this is a bit of a workaround to say the least.

    I have had several customers ask us to look into creating a folder/tree-type of structure for their reports, and hopefully this is something Sugar can look into for a future release.