This is available as of the Q3 2020 release

Configure the Revenue Line Item Layout When Creating an Opportunity

Per the 7.6 - Create Opportunity and RLI simultaneously - change available RLI fields...? discussion, users would like the ability to configure the Revenue Line Item layout when creating an Opportunity. The inability to customize this layout prevents administrators from adding critical custom fields and removing stock fields that are not utilized by their sales team. Please consider adding this layout configuration to Studio.

This request is also captured in enhancement request # 74434.

  • Hello any update?  This seems like it should be an easy change and one that should have been addressed when it was first raised almost 4 years ago.  I was shocked to see we couldn't modify this like any other sub panel without paying developer rates to modify the code.

  • Has there been any update to this?

  • I am hoping this gets corrected soon. It is quite cumbersome giving my sales guys visibility to fields that are not being used and not providing them the required fields. Thanks for the support!

  • Only possibility at the moment, esp. for cloud based systems, is to create an istallation package which installs a custom metadata file ...\custom\modules\RevenueLineItems\clients\base\views\subpanel-for-opportunities-create\subpanel-for-opportunities-create.php which can be copied from ...\modules\RevenueLineItems\clients\base\views\subpanel-for-opportunities-create\subpanel-for-opportunities-create.php and then modified to the wanted layout.

    You must do that very very very carefully as any php error will break your installation and best practice is to test it in a local environment before installing it in the cloud.

  • Thanks Alex Nassi for the info. It's been a few years now since this request popped-up so that would be really good to finally implement and close it