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Can I disable saving all attachments to Note records for inbound emails?

OK, I understand that the capability of extracting attached documents from an archived email might be a reasonable feature. However, it doesn't make sense if all attachments (plus all embedded images, including signatures and logos) are always extracted, which results in an exploding number of Note records (and redundant data). Especially if you use automated email archiving or group email accounts. Is it necessary? 

Another question for SugarCRM: When I send an email to support@sugarcrm.com, is the email automatically stored in Sugar? Is it accomplished by SNIP or by the scheduler? Do you really eat your own dogfood? :)

  • Hi

    It would be best for us if real attachments could still be stored as Notes, but things like email signature images not stored. Simplest way to achieve this would be to have a size limit (customisable by instance) - attachments above the limit are stored (probably real attachments) and those below not stored (probably logos images etc.

    Also, many email signatures include links to images not the actual image files. Don't find and include those images as notes! Leave the link in the email.

    Then individual companies can check to sizes of their own outbound email signature images and set their trheshold accordingly, thereby fixing most of the problem.

    Our database now has thousands of these "notes" and the clutter makes the notes module unusable because of the clutter.

  • Totally agree with Martin. We are just starting to use Sugar and already the Notes module is useless!

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