Under Review

Bring back Today-Button in date pickers


Lots of the Sugar users I am responsible for as an admin wish to have a button in the date pickers with which they can immediately fill in today's date. This is especially useful for automatically dated calls and meetings in the Customer Journey-PlugIn. Here the users should be able to update the date quickly and easily.

At the moment the situation is this: Let's say you want to update a call which was dated to the month before and set it to today. If you open the date-picker it shows you that original date and you have to move to the current month first and then pick the date or type it in manually (this effort is getting bigger, the further the original date is in the past). With a Today-Button you could do this with just one click.

There already was a button like this in the old 6.5-Version/in the bwc-Modules - is it possible to bring it also to the Sidecar-Datepickers?

We would love to have this!