Under Review
over 1 year ago

Allow user to set a report's Run-time Filters when it is used as chart in the dashboard

SugarCRM reports are one of its best features. I often create a report with Run-time Filters that enables me to show different charts based on that filter., i.e., sales team. Tather than write several reports that are the same, I write a single report and use filters to select the items I want to display. 

I often reports charts in the dashboard and I want to be able to have different Run-time Filters for each chart, say showing sales for different teams etc. Currently this is not possible but could be implemented just like the built-in dashlets, that is the Run-time Filters are set in the dashlet!

If this were done, then the old built-in dashlets could be replaced with reports, eliminating a lot of custom code and making the dashlets more flexible. This would be a benefit to both the customers and Sugar.