Under Review

Allow reporting/filtering on inactive user data

SugarCRM blocks users from running reports or doing list view filtering on any user fields when the user is inactive. This is a constant headache for my company, as we have a very long history of CRM use and we often need to filter information based on inactive users, which is for the benefit of active users. Here are some examples: 

  • When a sales rep leaves the company we need to immediately deactivate their account for security reasons. However, sometimes we need extra time to determine how to reassign their contacts. In these cases, their contacts need to be divided up among multiple sales reps, requiring us to use a list import instead of using your contact reassignment tool. However, in order for me to run reports on their contacts, their account must be active. I've had to change the active/inactive status on terminated employees so many times just to get the information I need. It's a security risk aside from an inconvenience.

  • After records are transferred from a terminated employee to an active employee, the active employee often wants to create lists that only show the terminated employee's records (i.e. using the created by field). This can be very helpful in getting the new sales rep up to speed on the status of the old sales rep's accounts. This should be a very simply process, but Sugar's restrictions mean that admins have to intervene to pull the data the user wants. 

  • In the past, prior to moving to SugarCRM, we were not always diligent about transferring records when employees left the company. Therefore, we have large number of records in our CRM that are owned by terminated employees. It makes it much harder to manage the transfers now, when we can't do reporting on these records. For example, I can't run a list view mass update to reassign contacts.