Under Review

Add "Current User" as condition option for "Assigned to" in Process Definitions

For some reason when using "Assigned to" as a condition in Process Definitions you can only put in an actual user's name whereas for "Created by" or "Modified by" you also get to select "Current user", "Supervisor", etc. It would be great if you could select "Current User" for the "Assigned to" field as well. It would make setting up process definitions so much easier.


  • Let’s say someone creates a phone call for an account that is assigned to someone else. I’d like to notify the account manager of that action and use the workflow start condition “assigned to is not current user” for the account related to that call.

    Or someone creates a meeting related to an opportunity that is assigned to another user, I’d like to notify the user that is assigned to the opportunity. I thought about using “created by” instead of “assigned to” for this but it happens a lot that someone creates an opportunity and assigns it to someone else so if I used “created by”, it could happen that the person that is assigned to the opportunity would get an email notification if they created a meeting related to their opportunity.

    Maybe I'm misunderstanding how the current user condition works, I thought it'd work like the current user selection in Reports that pulls up the information for the person that runs the report.

  • Do you have a use case/scenario for when this would be needed please?

    Reason being, the current user would be affected by when the BPM actually runs, and that could be at any time including when the intended current user is not logged-in