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Add a way to broadcast that users should log out

The only time outside office hours for us is Friday 5pm to Sunday 5pm. At all other times there is an office open somewhere in the world. Even then, having users on flexible schedules/travel we often have someone on Sugar 24/7 365.

As we all know, Users don't always heed advance warning or notice the time, so it would be nice to have a way to warn them that the system is going down for maintenance directly on their SugarCRM screens.

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  • To show that information within a short timeframe it would be neccessary to install a polling mechanism in the UI.

    A good place to do that - as some CTIs do - is the footer layout. Here you have to define an own additional custom view which polls in the js-controller a custom webservice, perhaps every 5 minutes or even every 1 minute.

    When the webservice delivers a "shutdown" info perhaps with a certain grace time, the client could even logged out by that view.