Under Review

Add a File attachment-type field in Studio

Apologies if this has been covered before.
On an On-Demand installation, i.e. without code access, I believe the only way I can add a [file attachment] field is to build a new Module based on the [File] Template.
Is there a logical/technical reason why a File/Attachment field is not part of the standard field data type selection?
Case in question: I would like to create a web2lead form for our homepage, with the ability for visitors to add a file before Submitting. It would then be created a Lead with a file attachment (if added).
Of course there are plenty of workarounds, like creating the field manually in the CMS and have the attachment sent to Sugar, but it's more that I'm just disappointed that there for instance is possible to add an [Image] field but no [File] field.
If I'm correct in my assumptions, then consider this a Feature Request! :-)