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over 1 year ago

Ability to share filters with other (specific) users

Kristjan Geir Mathiesen has already teasered it in Add "current user" as an option for "Assigned to" in filters and I'm going to pick that thread up, since there seems to be no "official" idea about it yet and I'm standing before the problem again.

Shareable dashboards are great, but they present us with a problem:

We are heavily using the Listview dashlets to design filtered lists that fulfill the specific informational needs of our different user groups. If I as an admin create a dashboard for one or more users and use a specific filter in the Listview-dashlet, that filter isn't taken over to the users I'm sharing the dashboard with. So the users always have to open the dashboard and do the filtering again manually by themselves. This is extremely annoying! 

The solution would be to be able to share filters, too. So that when sharing a dashboard the filters in the Listviews stay in place and you don't have to re-do them again for each user. Or that alternatively, you could first share the filters and then share the dashboards so that everything is set already.

I could imagine that this would also come in handy in other scenarios.

Thank you,