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over 1 year ago

Ability for user's to change the colors in charts / graphs without a plug-in

Right now colors for reports and graphs are very inconsistent, given the assignment of the color is random and there is no way to change it easily.

We need ability for users to change the colors in graphs / charts without having to change the code or install a plug in.   We want our users to have ability to make changes on the formatting of their reports/charts without having to engage administrator / developer or install a separate plug-in. 

  • This would be useful. We have many customers requesting this! I think the implementation of it could be quite simple, where you're able to pick a colour during the report wizard for each one of the distinct values from the field by which you are grouping the results by.

    Raising my hand (plus some of our customers) to have this in a future version of Sugar! Ok woman tone2

  • It would be really great, if that would finally be implemented. There obviously have been so many feature requests about this already  and so many votes here! I stumbled about the problem again today and seeing that something so fundamental and longed for hasn't been done yet, is quite disappointing. 

    I sometimes get the impression, that the user voices here are not really taken into account. You always get the recommendation to create a case, so that Sugar can see and count the need and interest for the feature - but then this ideas section would be pretty pointless. A bit of communication about how they evaluate new features and what sources are taken into account exactly (does my comment and vote here even make a difference?) would be nice.

    So that we might get an idea, what else we have to do to finally get a basic feature like that after 5 years.

  • This seems like a glaring gap in functionality. Having to custom-code something this basic makes no sense at all. I'm now trying to figure what to do about a Sugar chart where colors for two categories are so close as to be essentially indistinguishable. Looks like I'll have to recreate this chart using something other than Sugar.

  • This could be quite useful for our office as well.
    We have screens hanging in our sales department, which shows various sales charts per. user, but there is no color consistency in the different charts - so user A is colored with different color for every chart! It could be great if you could add one specific color to the different users, so user A is always shown as e.g. blue in charts. Hope it makes sense!

  • It is very confusing when you compare a graph for last month with one for this month and the colours are all different. Please standardise or allow users to fix the colours.