Question regarding a removed user


I have a question regarding a user that I intended to remove. However, I didn't remove the user because I wasn't sure to which other user his data needed to be reassigned to, so when this pop up appeared (this is an example that I got from the Sugar manual):

I clicked "Cancel" but now I cannot find the user anymore and it seems to have entirely disappeard. I also checked the "inactive" user base, but even here I could not find the user.

Thank you in advance for your answer!

  • Hi Maike,

    I believe and this is what you could have done. As you want to delete the user, you have selected the user which you want to delete and select the delete option. After selecting the delete option, the sugar will redirect to the reassignment of the records page as you have mentioned in the above screenshot. As you are not too sure, which user you want to assign to, you have selected the Cancel Option. When you click on the Cancel button, it means you have canceled the re-assignment of records, but not delete action. When you have selected the delete option, you have already confirmed Sugar to delete this user and you have confirmed this through delete action cannot be undone message on selecting delete button. This is the reason why the user has been soft-deleted and disappeared from the user's page.

    If you have access to Sugar Database, you can query and check this user in the user's table based on the user name.The deleted flag will be set to 1 if it is soft-deleted and still exists in Database.

    Hope this informations heps you:)

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  • You can rerun the reassignment from admin - Users menu item "reassign records". The deleted user is still available in the user selection in the from-dropdown until it is hard deleted from the database by the monthly database purging.

    Harald Kuske
    Principal Solution Architect – Professional Services, EMEA
    SugarCRM Deutschland GmbH

  • Hi Poojitha, 

    Thank you for your answer, yes this is exactly what happened. As far as I know I unfortunately have no access to the Sugar Database, so I guess I will have to see how to get this user back. Thanks again for your answer.

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  • You should switch off the scheduler "Prune Database on 1st of Month" immediately to prevent the user from being deleted permanently and then open a support ticket at Sugar to unset the deleted flag for this user if you want to get the user back.

    Harald Kuske
    Principal Solution Architect – Professional Services, EMEA
    SugarCRM Deutschland GmbH

  • Hello,

    In addition ton Poojitha's comment, I would like to suggest avoiding deleting (almost) anything from the CRM in the future. It is often better to deactivate (users), or mark as complete/closed (tasks, tickets, opps...) than delete. In most of our projects, we simply remove that permission for most of the roles. 

    Damien Pochon

    CRM & Digital consultant @ ITS4U Group