External email client not opening the email when I click Reply or Reply All

When I click Reply or Reply All or Forward nothing happens. My email client (Outlook) used to open so I could reply to the email. But it stopped working awhile ago and I really want to find a solution because replying to emails in Sugar is missing a lot of functionality.

  • Hi Brian,

    Do you know if this is happening to other users at your company, or just yourself? Can you also try this in a private browsing window and another browser to see if that changes anything in the behavior? 


    Alex Nassi
    SugarCRM | Sr. Community Manager

  • Hi Alex thanks for your response! I've raised the issue with our help desk but they advise me that I will just have to use the embedded sugar email client because they can't figure out why this behavior is occurring. 

    It's really hard for me to handle appropriate support communications (screen shots/html formatting, etc) through the Sugar email client so I thought I'd try to dig a bit more on my own for a solution.

    The behavior is the same no matter if I am using Chrome, Edge, Chrome Incognito, Edge InPrivate, and all of those combinations inside my company network or on my personal computer at home.

  • Chrome and Edge are Chromium based and have hard coded limits.  Firefox is not and is Quantum based browser (Netscape).  Its limits that we have been able to tell is only 1 attachment can be forwarded.

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