Historical summary on custom module not appearing

Hello - 

I have a question and I'm sure the answer is staring me right in the face, but I can't see it.

We have created custom modules in Sugar (11.0 - Enterprise) using Studio tools.  The modules have relationships to the "activities" modules (calls, meetings, etc.).  The modules all work just fine.  But there is no "Historical summary" option when looking at any records in the modules.

In reading the documentation, we can't find anywhere where we are supposed to take an overt action to add "historical summary" to any module.  It appears from reading documentation that it should just be added to the custom modules when the activity relationships were established - but that may not be true.

Any suggestions or thoughts are appreciated.

Thank you!


  • Are you missing the action in the dropdown?

    I don't think it's added by default.

    You most likely need to add the rowaction to your record view buttons.

    For example in modules/Accounts/clients/base/views/record/record.php you will see a rowaction for the event


    $viewdefs['Accounts']['base']['view']['record'] = array(
        'buttons' => array(
                'type' => 'actiondropdown',
                'name' => 'main_dropdown',
                'primary' => true,
                'showOn' => 'view',
                'buttons' => array(
                        'type' => 'rowaction',
                        'event' => 'button:historical_summary_button:click',
                        'name' => 'historical_summary_button',
                        'label' => 'LBL_HISTORICAL_SUMMARY',
                        'acl_action' => 'view',

    Then you will need to extend your plugins to include the HistoricalSummary

    in your custom module's record view controller, for example you can see in modules/Accounts/clients/base/views/record/record.js

        extendsFrom: 'RecordView',
         * @inheritdoc
        initialize: function(options) {
            this.plugins = _.union(this.plugins || [], ['HistoricalSummary']);
            this._super('initialize', [options]);