Sugarcrm List view custom predefined filter with Dynamic value

Hi Guys,

It would be great if any one provide solution for below requirement.
I need to apply predefined filter in Module List view.

For example :- 

1) When user land on Module list view than predefined filter should be applied with custom values.
2) Value which will populate in filter field should also be dynamic which get pulled from api.

Please help.

Zeeshan shaikh

  • This is not an easy task, but let me try explain the steps:

    Create a custom RecordsLayout for module Sites., which extends the core RecordsLayout one.

    Inside its metadata, replace the component layout filter by a custom one, like filter-api.

    Create the custom layout filter-api inside module Filters, which extends the default FilterLayout.

    Inside its method "selectFilter" you will add the predefined filter which values fetched from some api.


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